The Jamaican June plum or Jew plum was introduce in Jamaica  1782 and some years later Captain Bligh brought more plants from Hawaii where it was grown in abundance. The  Jamaican June plum tree is fast growing and could reach tremendous height. A member of the ambarella spondias dulcis ambere family, Jamaica is the only country that calls this fruit June plum. It is known in other countries as Jew plum, golden apple, hog plum, or kedondong.
There are many species to this versatile fruit call June plum. Different countries have developed innovative ways of enjoying this handy fruit. When the Jamaican june plums are fully ripe they will fall from the trees making harvesting quite an easy task.
The June plum can be enjoyed at different stages of its maturity. The unripe fruit can be made into jelly, jams, pickles or even flavoring sauces. It is wonderful on its own as a drink but also enhances the flavor of other fruit drinks when mixed in. A good source of vitamin C and rich in iron the Jamaican June plum is truly a wonderful fruit. It is believed to have relieving effects on diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure and urinary troubles.

Jamaican June Plum

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June Plum

June Plum
Another Jamaican favorite

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