The  Jamaican Soursop is a tropical fruit from the Annonaceae family. This fruit is a native of the Caribbean and Central America but grow extensively in the tropics  throughout the world. Soursop got its name from the actual taste of the fruit. It carries a mild acrid taste which shows up in many gourmet cuisines these days.
The Jamaican Soursop is large and mostly elongated with spinney green skin. The skin is rather leathery but thin and easily cut open with a knife. One Soursop fruit contains anywhere from 40 to 200 seeds covered by soft white pulps.
The Spanish name for Soursop is Guanabana which is used most time to market  commercially this lovely fruit. Packed with vitamins B1, B2 and C the soursop is quite nutritious and form an integral part of the Jamaican and Caribbean cuisine.  It  makes delicious deserts and sumptuous ice cream marketed internationally  under the name Guanabana. The immature Soursop is also cooked and eaten in my countries and the leaves and roots contain healing properties which continually to show up in many herbal medicines.

Jamaican Soursop

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