Jamaican Star Apple

The Jamaican star apple fruit is about the size of a tennis ball with inside taking the shape of a star. They normally come in two forms, the green skinned variety with clear-white pulps or the purple skinned type with red-purple flesh.
The flesh of the Jamaican star apple is best when eaten fresh, it has a pleasant sweet taste which goes well in salads, drinks and other dishes. The skin is really thick but soft when fully ripe. It is also taste bitter, however spooning out the pulp would be a good idea to avoid the unpleasant rind.
The Jamaican star apple can grow into a really large tree.  This fruit is indigenous  to Central America and the Caribbean but has been introduced to other tropical countries throughout the world. The leaves of the Jamaican star apple are green but golden brown on the underside. The trees normally produce hundreds of fruits annually, however the most undesirable thing about star apple is harvesting. Not only do the trees get to great heights but the fruits do not fall when fully mature and so accessing them is quite challenging.
Star Apple

Star Apple
The Jamaican Star Apple great to eat out of the hand

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