The Jamaican sugarcane is a very versatile grass that is indigenous to India and currently grown in almost all the countries in the world. The Jamaican sugarcane is responsible for many products which we used in our everyday life without us giving much consideration to it.
The sugarcane was introduced to Jamaica by Christopher Columbus as part of the exploitation of the Caribbean by the Europeans. Today the sugarcane is still playing an important role in the livelihood of many individuals. Sugar made from this plant is considered healthier when compared to other forms of sugars.
Rum made from  the Jamaican sugarcane has been enjoyed throughout the world for centuries.  In fact Jamaica was the first country in the world to produce rum commercially. With products such as Falernum, molasses, rum, cachaça, ethanol among other things the Jamaican sugarcane is truly a plant that contributed a lot of our everyday lives. The fresh sugar cane juice is also enjoyed in Jamaica as a refreshing drink sometimes with a little ginger. There are many types of Jamaican sugar cane some types are produce distinctly for commercial purposes while the softer varieties are enjoyed fresh by individuals.

Jamaican Sugarcane

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Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane
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