Jamaican Sweetsop

The Jamaican sweetsop or Sugar-Apple is a very likeable fruit which grows extensively in the Caribbean and Central America. It is believed that the Sweetsop was first found in Jamaica.  It grows  wild in the island and seeds  dispersion is done mainly by birds. However, presently many Jamaican farmers are making this sweet aromatic fruit part of their orchard.
The Jamaican Sweetsop is from the Annona family which is rooted in the tropical regions. The Sweetsop tree could reach a height of about 8 meters with a cluster of small green leaves. The fruits are actually round but with a slight heart shape. The Sweetsop skin is rather lumpy but don’t be fooled by the other appearance.
The Jamaican Sweetsop edible portion when fully mature and ripe is very sweet. The texture of the flesh is a bit grainy, slippery and soft. The creamy, custard-like flesh covers the seeds which are easily separated while eating. The Jamaican Sweetsop is very good as a desert, breakfast fruit or just eaten out of the hand.

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