The Jamaican pimento is one of those things that is synonymous the island. There are a few Jamaicans who decided to become a follower and called it all-spice instead of Jamaican pimento don’t ask me why. The name All-Spice was coined by the English who was of the notion that this spice has a hint of every major spice.
The tree was first sighted by Christopher Columbus in Jamaican on one of his voyage. The scientific name for this tree is  Pimenta Dioica which explains perfectly why we would called it Jamaican Pimento. For maximum flavor, the berries are harvested when they are still green and placed in the sun to dry.
The Jamaican pimento featured greatly in Jerk and BBQ sauces notwithstanding the cooking method. Using the green wood from the pimento tree while jerking gives the finish product a flavor that will tantalized any pallet. The smoky aroma which is normally infused into the meat cannot be bought in a bottle.
This is one of the better spices known around the world. It shows up in marinating sauces, cakes, puddings and pies. It is ever present in the Jamaican cuisine ranging from curry to stew, Jerks to soups and BBQ to grill. Life would not be the same without the Jamaican pimento.

Jamaican Pimento

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Jamaican Pimento

Jamaican Pimento
The scientific name is Pimenta Dioica which explains perfectly why we would called it Pimento.

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