The Jamaican thyme is a native of South Asia and the Mediterranean areas. Its history goes back all the way to ancient Egypt where it was used to mummify their deceased pharaohs. In ancient Greece, thyme was burned in sacred temples as incense due to its aromatic qualities. During the medieval times thyme was associated with bravery and during the 16th century the thyme oil has been use as a mouthwash.
The versatility of the Jamaican thyme is mind boggling. This perennial evergreen shrub is from the mint family which also serves as a decorative plants thanks to its delicate pink-purple flowers. Bees that feed on these aromatic blossoms produced a type of honey that is crave for by gourmet connoisseurs. However, it would be prudent to know as well that the properties from the plant itself is a great insect repellant.
The Jamaican thyme plays a very important role in the islands cuisine. It is really difficult to think of a Jamaican dish that do not calls for a sprig of thyme. All Jamaican house do have fresh thyme which is most of the time sells with escallion. The Jamaican thyme is an excellent source of iron, manganese, vitamin K, calcium and dietary fiber.
The uses are numerous throughout the years, different regions found in it different purpose. The aromatic flavor of the thyme knows no boundary, from antiseptic to gourmet cuisine this spice is the queen of the garden. The Jamaican cuisine would be the same without the presence of the Jamaican thyme.

Jamaican Thyme

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