The Jamaican scallion or escallion is one of the fundamental plants that have help to give the Jamaican cuisine its distinctive flavor. Scallion also known in some circles as spring onions, green shallot and onion sticks though closely related to onions do have a milder flavor.
Within the Jamaican cuisine onions, thyme , garlic and this Jamaican scallion appear in almost every cooked dish. However, escallion is used throughout the world in various ways. This versatile plant is used in sandwiches, raw on top of salads, soups, seafood and it a great way to add a bit of zest close to the end of preparing a dish.
Escallion is closely related to leeks and shallots and at times used as a substitute them both. The variety that is grown in Jamaica and in particularly St. Elizabeth the home of the islands food production is quite potent. There is a certain unique flavor, zest  and potency that the local grown Jamaican scallion exudes in the dishes.
For most Jamaicans cooking without the local escallion is nothing less than a crime. The soups, stews, curries and rice and peas among others  cannot be completed without a bit of the zesty Jamaican escallion.
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Jamaican Escallion

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