The Jamaican cho cho is a tropical fruit that is a native of Mexico and Central America. There are quite a few varieties; however they all have pear or slightly oval shape. It carries a thin green skin fused with its flesh. The some Spanish speaking country the world chocho means the vagina. However at a close examination of the Jamaican chocho maybe the reason is clear why there is a correlation.
The Jamaican  cho cho is used in many as a vegetable to fruit.  Although this fruit has a bland taste it is eating raw in salads and salsa or with lemon juice. In its cook form it is tasted like a cross between potato and cucumber.
The Jamaican  cho cho is a good source of vitamin C and amino acids. It adapts well to the tropics and has become a major food in diets of many. Although only the fruit is eaten in Jamaica  other countries used other part of the plants including the root  which is starchy. The cho cho leaves are believe to diuretic and cardiovascular properties. In some Asian countries the shoot is consumed as a vegetable.

Jamaican Cho Cho

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