Scuba diving in Jamaica is one of the most exhilarating water sports that one could part take in while vacationing in Jamaica. The underwater world  is filled with an array of colors that will appease your eyes while sooth your mind. Swim around the caverns and rocks where you will find many colorful species moving around in flocks.  The imagination will run wild with the thousands of different beautiful indescribable  hues which the corals emanate in exuberance.
Scuba is the acronym of  ( Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) which is explains it all. Jamaica is one of the best places to go scuba diving in the Caribbean because of many reasons. The main diving sites in Jamaica are large caves and old ship wreckages.  One of these is the popular scuba diving site in Negril which is a 40 foot wide cave with a depth of 65 feet. It has a huge crack  about 30 feet long which also serves as the entrance. Here in this beautiful cavern one can expect to see a bounty of colorful fishes.
Montego Bay also has a famous scuba diving site. The cave is about 90 feet deep which is also an habitat for sponges,  barracuda, parrotfish, corals, snapper and more. Ocho Rios is the home of a hold WWII Canadian minesweeper wreckage which sits 50 feet below.
Scuba diving is a great underwater activity for the enthusiast. Some dive sites are for the experience while others are just perfect for the beginner.  Our world is filled with describable colors but the living organism under the sea radiate  mysterious hues. The colors ranging from black to blue, never before you would have seen such magnificence in front of you. Explore the beauty and splendor below it will be a privilege to be part of the show.

Scuba Diving in Jamaica

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