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MBJ - Beaches Boscobel airport transfer rate.

1-4 passengers $100 each way or $195 prepaid ROUNDTRIP via PayPal.
Groups consisting of 5 passengers or more...$22 per person each way.

Airport Transfer/Taxi to Beaches Boscobel

Payment options.
1) Payment in cash after each tour or transfer.
2) Prepaid payment via PayPal.
3) Payment upon arrival at the airport with a credit card.

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We would like to extend our PRIVATE Montego Bay Airport Shuttle Service to get you to the Beaches Boscobel.  Best Jamaica the most guest-centered Tour Company on the island is quite adept in providing top quality Montego Bay Airport Transfers.

We know that you have choices; in fact your vacation package comes with free airport transfer to the Boscobel Beach just outside of the resort town of Ocho Rios.  However, our transfer service to Boscobel Beach is second to none, Best Jamaica just doesnít offer mere seats, we offer top quality private airport transfer.

The drive to Beaches Boscobel is about 1.5 hrs along the smooth, scenic A1 Northern Coastal Highway. Our vehicles are modern and fully air-conditioned and we provide complimentary child seats to keep the young ones safe.

Best Jamaica is the perfect alternative. Our rates are reasonable, airport representatives are friendly and drivers are funny and informative.  Donít waste your precious vacation time at the airport waiting on a big bus to get filled before get going. Get going immediately with the best and spend more time at the hotel enjoying your vacation time.
How to book this airport transfer to Beaches Boscobel?

Complete the form below and send, if submitting is successful you will be directed to the PAYMENT page where you may via PayPal, otherwise you could pay us when you get here in Jamaica in cash or with a credit card (mastercard, visa or discover).
Q: How far from Ocho Rios is the Beaches Boscobel?
A: Beaches Boscobel is about 20 minutes driving outside of the resort town of Ocho Rios.

Q: How far away from Beaches Boscobel is the Blue Hole Secret Falls?
A: The Blue Hole is about 30 minutes driving from the Beaches Boscobel and just about the same from the Dunnís River Falls.

Q: How do we find Best Jamaica at the airport?
A: Upon you confirmation, we will email you a transfer voucher which include instructions on how to find us at the airport.

Q: If we want to stop along the way to grab a few things would this be accommodated?
A: Of course, we operate a customer friendly private airport transfer service that puts our guests first.
If you need to make a calls back home regularly, renting a phone from us could be the best option. Best Jamaica offers low-priced cell phone rental.
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