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Private Airport Transfer/Taxi to Riu Montego Bay

Airport transfer to Riu Montego Bay should be done privately, with such great rates as ours,  no one should sit waiting on a big shuttle wasting precious vacation time while you could be at the Riu Resort sipping on your favorite cocktails. Best Jamaica the best Tour Company in Jamaica is the perfect alternative. Our Montego Bay transfers/taxi service is impeccable, delivering  as promised incessantly.  Don’t waste your precious vacation time, book with the BEST  gain time and save money.
Your need for private Montego Bay Airport transfer to the Riu Montego Bay should be satisfied by Best Jamaica, the most guest- centered Tour Company on the island. We provide impeccable service delivered by professional operators.

Your vacation time is precious and deserves to be treated as such; when you book with us we will be waiting for so that you could be off to your resort in little or no time.

You will be transported in modern fully-air conditioned minivan, and will be pleasantly surprised at the high quality service and the low cost; our service is second to none.
MBJ - Riu Montego Bay airport transfer rate.

1-4 passengers $20 each way or $40 prepaid ROUNDTRIP  via PayPal.
Groups consisting of 5 passengers or more...$5 per person each way.
How to book this airport transfer to Riu Montego Bay?

Complete the form below and send, if submitting is successful you will be directed to the PAYMENT page where you may via PayPal, otherwise you could pay us when you get here in Jamaica in cash or with a credit card (mastercard, visa or discover).

Q: Is the airport transfer service to Riu Montego Bay private?
A: Yes, all our airport taxis to Riu Montego Bay are private.

Q: How far is Riu Montego Bay from the Airport (MBJ).
A: The Riu Montego Bay Palace is located approximately 5-7 minutes from the airport. Best Jamaica provides top quality airport taxi service to all of the Riu Hotels in Jamaica.

Q: Do you provide tours from the Riu Montego Bay?
A: Yes, Best Jamaica provides uncompromised private tours from the Riu Montego to any desired attractions on the island.

Q: Do I need a car seat in Jamaica?
A: While it is not mandatory by law, Best Jamaica the best tour company in Jamaica offers complimentary child seats on our private airport transfer to the Riu Montego Bay and as well as on day tours.

Q: How far away is Negril from Riu Montego Bay.
A: Riu Montego Bay is about a 70 min drive to Negril, home of the world famous 7 mile beach and cliff jumping. Best Jamaica offers private tours from Riu Montego Bay, helping visitors to create memorable day trips.

Q: What type of currency is used in Jamaica?
A: The Jamaica uses its national currency which is the Jamaican Dollar (JMD).

Q: Do I need to exchange my money to the Jamaican Dollar?
A: No you don’t. Although the official currency is the Jamaican Dollar, USD is widely used especially in areas that are frequented by tourists.
Payment options.
1) Payment in cash after each tour or transfer.
2) Prepaid payment via PayPal.
3) Payment upon arrival at the airport with a credit card.

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