The many Jamaica falls are indebted primarily to the three groups of mountains on the island. The Blue and John Crow mountains in the east, the Stony Hill to the Cockpit Mountains which form the central range and third group of mountains are on the western end of the island which is Dolphin Head Mountains and its surroundings.
Jamaica falls are equally dispersed throughout the island; of course some more majestic than the others. The island has over one hundred and twenty (120) rivers a myriad of springs and small streams mainly starting in the interior of the island rushing towards the ocean. These natural rivers have to find a way of getting to the ocean. Water is malleable, it squeeze through, roll down, tumbles over rocks, glides down slopes or plunge from a few meters from beyond forming another grandiose Jamaica falls.
There are more Jamaica falls than rivers because of the rugged terrain that existed throughout these hills. Consequently, is it easy to understand why Jamaican falls are so many. Visiting one of the many Jamaica falls is well recommended. Many of the Jamaican rivers have therapeutic properties and with the interconnectivity of numerous water courses one never knows. It is well recognized that some of these Jamaica falls are more valuable and should be explore not only for their imposing splendor but also for holistic wellness.
Jamaica falls have been gaining popularity globally with their natural beauty and uniqueness. The Jamaican falls are ubiquitous some made popular because they are easily reached while others are still in obscurity. Base on the country geographical makeup, it is no wonder why Jamaica falls are countless. Known as the land of wood and water, Jamaica is blessed with rich natural bio diversity, with its hilly physical characteristic almost fifty percent of the island exceeds 350m above sea level.

Jamaica Falls

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