The Jamaican breadfruit tree is a majestic tree that could reach heights of 80 feet. There are over 200 varieties of breadfruit with most of them having most of the same characteristics. A breadfruit tree could produce about 150 to 200 of this succulent fruit each year making it the tree that produces the most food annually
This versatile fruit is used at all stages of maturity. At the green stage the Jamaican breadfruit is starchy with a firm texture; it is mainly boiled at this stage substituting well for starches like potatoes yam or use together. When fully mature the breadfruit becomes softer and the interior slightly pasty, creamy and becomes a bit sweeter and is used to make a nice cake.
The Jamaican breadfruit is one of the most versatile fruits available in the world today. Originated in the pacific, the breadfruit has spread through entire tropics becoming one of the best food sources in that part of the world. The breadfruit was first introduced to Jamaica in 1793 by Captain Bligh and the first tree was planted in a district call Bath.

Jamaican Breadfruit

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